Our Story

Karen Community Church (KCC) started in September 1996 by a group of around 18 people, commissioned by Nairobi Baptist Church to plant a new church in Karen. It started with worship and Sunday school services at the Kenya Commercial Bank Management Institute. The congregation has since grown to over 300 people, including children, youth, and adults. The worship services for these three groups are commonly called Children’s Tabernacle, Young Adults ( Youth) and Family Church ( Adults). We follow a congregation-led church model where the members constitute the top governing body. They do so through the various Members’ Days such as the Annual General Meeting or through their elected representatives, the Elder’s Court.

Missions, evangelism, discipleship and fellowship have remained the core engines of the church, and are indeed what makes KCC unique. The sense of community is embodied in the church motto ‘a place to belong, a place to become’, and has leveraged members to active participation in the life of the church.

The church is fondly referred to as “Mission Mobilized” to emphasize its strong commitment to missions. Our first missionary outreach was to the Aweer (Boni) people of the Kenyan coast who are predominantly unreached by the gospel. Our cross cultural missions have taken us as far as China, and nearer to the indigenous Kenyan communities of the arid northern Kenya region (Oltrurot). Our local mission work has seen us actively minister and evangelize in our low income neighborhood of Bulbul.


Life Groups are the heartbeat of the church. These home based fellowships meet regularly to study God’s word, fellowship and support each other. The church provides spiritual and technical support to the Life Groups including capacity building for the leaders and Bible study material.


Much more can be said about KCC, including major milestones and high and low moments as would be expected of any organization, Christian or otherwise. However, it must be said that the Lord has remained truly unfailing in His grace and steadfast in His love. Philippians 1:6, our key verse for the prior strategic season, provided us with strength, reassurance and hope. The Lord has been bringing to completion the good work he began with us as we made the step of faith to plant a church in Karen. We embrace our new key verse that implores us ‘to encourage each other and build each other up’ (1Thessolanians 5:11) as we wait upon the Lord to help us accomplish our mission and strategic objectives for the next five years, to His glory and honor. Amen